3 Things You Should Know About Online Reputation Management

Date: July 13, 2015

Social media and online review sites have become the new word-of-mouth advertising. In fact, according to a Nielsen survey, 68% of respondents indicated that they trust consumer opinions posted online. No matter what the industry, it is important to know how online reputation management can play an important role in building a positive brand image. 

What You Need to Know About Online Reputation Management 

Are you managing your company’s online reputation effectively? Are you scanning through related search results, social media channels, forums, review sites and anywhere else where you may be mentioned online? If not, it could be costing your business. Here are three things you should know about managing your reputation online: 

1. Prevention is crucial. 

Before your company finds itself in a tough situation, try anticipating questions and concerns about your product/service. A blog can provide visitors with the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions and allow people to ask questions before buying. 

2. It involves more than just monitoring. 

Just knowing what others are saying about your company is not enough. The key to maintaining a positive brand image online is providing quality customer service in a timely fashion. Your company needs to be able to focus on customer service, both online and off, in order to build a positive reputation.  

3. Social media plays an integral role. 

Being active on social media not only helps you consistently track your online reputation, but it also allows you to respond to any questions or concerns quickly. This can save you from getting a poor online review in the first place. 

The Role of Online Review Management 

Online review management is an important part of managing your reputation online. A Dimensional Research study shows that 86% of those surveyed said that negative online reviews influenced their purchasing decisions. In order to lessen the impact of negative reviews, companies should consistently monitor and respond to dissatisfied customers efficiently and effectively. 

Effective Online Reputation Management 

It is important to be responsive to what others are saying about you online. Providing clients access to effective reputation management tools, the talented team at Argus Leader Media in Sioux Falls, SD is ready to help you with online reputation management. Contact us now to start seeing and responding to what others have to say about your company online.

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