4 Tips for Online Marketing Success In 2015

Date: April 02, 2015

The ability to stay up to date with current online marketing and consumer trends, innovations and advancements is crucial for influencing your target audience and keeping one step ahead of your competition. This is especially important when you consider the dynamic nature of technology, platforms, search engine algorithms and consumer behaviors and how quickly they evolve. Here are four tactics and rising trends that your business should watch in 2015.

1. Keep Your Focus on Customer Engagement
One the most important and timely marketing tips that a business can apply to their content strategy is to keep their sights set on engaging their customers. The best approach to accomplish this is by providing relevant, exciting and beneficial content to customers on a consistent basis over the several diverse platforms they use all the time. Of course, finding where your brand intersects with your target audience’s media preferences and content needs involves research and thoughtful planning, but it’s worth it.

2. Optimize Your Mobile Presence
You must optimize your online presence for mobile and tablet users. Currently, approximately 80% of consumers use mobile devices such as smartphones to peruse the Internet. A responsive website is a great start—one that automatically and correctly resizes and reconfigures based on the device and screen size a potential customer uses. Make sure to optimize your emails, digital display ads and all additional online content you create for mobile users.

3. Integrate SEO and Content Marketing
Including carefully researched metadata and keywords in your content is highly valuable. Just be  sure that your content is written for people, not just search engines—content quality is now more critical than keyword density, and certainly helps convince and convert your customers once they reach your website. Search engine updates continually focus on providing users with appropriate, high-quality content, so make sure you’re producing plenty of it on a regular basis.

4. Learn From and Leverage User-Generated Content
As lofty as it sounds, customers want to dialogue with brands and be a part of their story, so one-way communication and hard-sell tactics don’t work as well as they used to. Whether your brand is providing the opportunities and vehicles for your customers to submit their own content in the form of posted photos, reviews, blog posts, forum discussions, etc., they’re going to be publishing this kind of content anyway. So, your business needs to be leveraging their contributions, both the positive and the negative. Promote and reward content from your brand advocates, and take the time to respond with humanity and address the concerns of your critics. Doing both will give you valuable insights into your customers’ needs and provide you with great opportunities to promote and protect your brand’s reputation online.

Creating a Unified Strategy for Your Business
Your business may already be using some of these tips in your marketing strategy, while others may sound more involved. Regardless of your current level of online marketing efforts, Argus Leader Media can help ensure that your marketing strategy is finely tuned and that you achieve the highest ROI possible. For help with any aspect of developing an integrated marketing plan, contact us today—were’ local to the Sioux Falls area and would love to hear from you. 

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