How to Attract Millennials Through Generation Y Marketing

Date: June 15, 2015

Generation Y may not always be the easiest to understand, but there is no denying their presence in the marketplace. According to AdWeek, there are currently about 74.3 million millennials living in the United States with a purchasing power of $170 billion that is expected to increase drastically in the near future. The secret to attracting millennials is developing Generation Y marketing that inspires loyalty and creates positive brand experiences.  

Importance of Building Brand Loyalty 

Millennials are exposed to thousands of brand messages each day, making it hard for a company to cut through the chaos and make an impression. Though building brand loyalty in the digital marketplace can be difficult, it is still very important. Customers have many options, so making an impact is vital to ensuring that millennial customers return your business. 

Also, by building loyalty, you create powerful brand advocates that share your message with others. A RazorFish report found that word-of-mouth advertising and online consumer reviews were the top two sources that impact millennial purchasing decisions. The best way to build brand loyalty is to develop millennial advertising that creates useful experiences. If the millennial buyer finds that your ads are useful then they will be more likely to share them with friends and family. 

Creating a Useful Generation Y Marketing Experience 

So how do you create a useful ad experience that breaks away from traditional advertising? Offer your customers something useful. This can take the shape of a helpful infographic, a How-To instructional video or similar types of content. These marketing assets may not directly promote your brand, but they do elevate it in the eyes of Millennials and increase the chances of them turning into customers later down the line. 

Developing an Effective Millennial Advertising Strategy 

Are you ready to start reaching and converting more millennials? The team of marketing professionals at Argus Leader Media in Sioux Falls, SD love helping companies like yours develop successful strategies for reaching this key audience through effective millennial advertising. Contact us today to find out how you can start reaching more millennials. 

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