How to Grant Marketing Partners Access to Google Analytics

Date: April 05, 2016

The worst thing you can do as a marketer is to continue to pursue strategies that aren’t working. That’s why monitoring analytics is crucial for any campaign, big or small.

Some marketers are hesitant to share their Google Analytics account directly with outside marketing partners. Why?

For many, the primary concern is compromising the integrity of raw data. Good news – granting “read-only” permissions means that data can only be seen, not changed. When you share your Google Analytics with your marketing partners, you’ll save time and resources, while holding partners accountable for their efforts.

How to Set Up Sharing

Your partner agencies are likely well-versed in Google Analytics, so giving them access means they can stay on top of your campaign at every moment.

To share access, log in to your account, click on the “Admin” tab, and then go to “User Management.” Add any partner email addresses, and make sure to set the permission level next to their name to “Read and Analyze;” they can see your information, but won’t be able to change anything. When it comes time to remove a user, all you have to do is press “Delete” next to their name—it’s a simple and safe process.

Speed Matters

Of course you don’t want to spend time and money on a technique that isn’t working, but on the other hand, you also don’t want to take up all of your time compiling, analyzing, and sharing analytics information. When partners can see data immediately, they can be more proactive in managing your campaign, rather than finding out something isn’t working when it’s too late to fix.

Gain Knowledge

If you haven’t been using website analytics in-depth, marketing partners will be able to give you tips and techniques on interpreting your data and putting it to good use. They’ll help you understand how current efforts are reflected in your analytics data, and help you devise more effective strategies.

Campaign success comes from making sure you are always getting results, and there is no way to do so successfully without monitoring analytics. At Argus Leader Media in Sioux Falls, SD, we emphasize proactive management and optimization to ensure our clients see results. Contact us today for a free marketing consultation.

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