Stop Sabotaging Your Ad Returns and Start Using Landing Pages

Date: April 27, 2016

Have you experienced this problem? You’ve set up your paid advertising campaign and are making sure your media is getting shared, but your conversion rate is dismal. Why? It could be because you aren’t sending primed customers to the right place. 

Creating and linking tailored landing pages to your campaigns ensures that when someone clicks on your ad for a table, they are taken to a page where they can get more information about that table and an easy way to buy it, rather than needing to search your site to find it. 

Using landing pages is a must to make sure your customers convert, and can help ensure that all of your advertising time and money is producing returns. Get started today with these landing page optimization tips: 

1. Include Forms 

Adding contact forms to your landing pages enables interested users who aren’t yet ready to buy to give you their contact information, allowing you to nurture the relationship. At this stage in the buying process, try and aim for forms with less than three fields – you’ll reduce abandonment rates and can get more information later if you need it. 

2. Create Specific Product and Service Pages 

Create unique landing pages for each of the specific products or services you promote in your digital ads. This not only streamlines the conversion process for users, it also boosts your SEO as you’ll have far more indexed pages. 

3. Keep Information Above-the-Fold 

Your customers clicked on an ad and are ready to buy, so they should see even more reasons to do so as soon as they land on your pages. Use concise language that actively encourages your users to purchase by telling them what your product will do for them, as opposed to using general sales jargon. 

Don’t waste another minute losing out on sales. Start using landing pages to help your buyers move down the funnel. The team at Argus Leader Media  in Sioux Falls, SD is ready to help you set your landing pages up for success. Contact us today to find out how our services and ad network will benefit your next campaign.

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