Top Email Marketing Best Practices for 2015

Date: July 30, 2015

There is a reason why more marketers are deciding to increase their email marketing budgets in 2015. With so many people using email regularly, email marketing allows companies to reach a wide audience with a small investment. In fact, research by ExactTarget found that for every $1 spent on email marketing, companies get an average return of $44.25. The key to email marketing success is following email marketing best practices when developing and implementing your company’s email campaigns. 

Tips for Email Marketing Best Practices 

By incorporating email marketing best practices into your email strategy, you can help ensure that your campaigns are efficient and effective. One of the most important practices is creating personalized messages that encourage users to read and open your emails. Experian found that personalized promotional messages have 29% higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click rates than non-personalized content. 

Part of creating effective campaigns is keeping the end goal in mind. Rather than just focusing on getting the click, consider the journey that the buyer will take after they open the email. This includes optimizing your messages for mobile. According to McKinsey & Company, nearly 45% of all marketing emails are opened on a mobile device. Make sure that your email design is responsive and that customers can read content and open links with ease. 

Expanding Your Reach with Email Marketing Services 

Email marketing is not only an effective way to engage with current customers, but also a great method for generating new leads. Many companies utilize email marketing services to help expand their audience. These services can help you develop targeted email lists, which allow you to reach out beyond your current customer list to connect with even more potential consumers. 

Email Marketing Services that Work 

Do you want to see better results from your marketing emails? Argus Leader Media in Sioux Falls, SD can help you create an email marketing strategy and implement successful email marketing campaigns that generate results. If you are ready to start growing your business with effective email marketing, contact us now

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