Top High Impact Ad Units You Need on Your Radar

Date: March 22, 2016

What’s the latest trend in online display advertising? High impact ad units—which are highly engaging ad formats that take promotional messages to the next level. Below, we break down the most popular and effective high-impact ad formats: interactive takeover, pre-roll, pushdown, gravity and hero flip. 

Interactive Takeover Ads  
Interactive takeover ads are typically video ads that play front-and-center on a website’s homepage. Interactive takeover ads auto-launch and maximize visibility of quality video content. Click here to experience an interactive takeover ad. 

Pre-Roll Ads 
Pre-roll ads are commonly found on popular video sites like YouTube and Vimeo, as well as news sites. They auto-play immediately before viewers can see their chosen video content. Because users can’t skip over pre-roll ads, businesses can guarantee their video content is seen by their target audiences.  

Pushdown Ads 
Pushdown ads command the attention of viewers. These ad types literally push web page content down to make room for themselves, effectively grabbing attention. Pushdown ads stay true to design across all devices, and site visitors will appreciate the ability to open or close them as they wish. Click here to see a pushdown ad for yourself.  

Gravity Ads 
It’s been shown that creative video ads make brands more memorable to consumers. Gravity ads offer viewers a cinema-style experience by presenting high-quality video content in full-screen mode. Gravity ads are engaging, and studies show that audiences love big, eye-catching ads.  Click here to see a gravity ad in action. 

Hero Flip Ads 
 Hero flip ads are in-content ads that are a little less disruptive for the user when they’re on the website.  They have the full capabilities of the other high impact ads, just loaded on a smaller scale. Users are less likely to close these ads since they are displayed within the news content.Click here to see how a hero flip ad is displayed.

How Do I Get High Impact Ad Units? 
High impact ads are on the cutting edge of advertising, but you can’t get them just anywhere. If you’re ready to put these high-performing ad formats to work for your brand, contact the experts at Argus Leader Media in Sioux Falls, SD. 

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