The Keys to Email Marketing Success: Segmentation and Personalization

Date: February 02, 2016

The Keys to Email Marketing Success: Segmentation and Personalization 

With the holiday season behind you (and hopefully a ton of sales in your pocket), it’s the perfect time to figure out how to leverage all of the new email addresses you’ve generated through your 2015 marketing efforts.  

Consumers receive a flood of emails in their inboxes on a daily basis, and if you want your email marketing campaign to be successful, you need your emails to stand out. To take your marketing emails to the next level in the New Year, you need to use segmentation and personalization techniques to create tailored campaign experiences for your leads and customers. 

Personalized Email Marketing Experiences Drive Results 

Your audience is more connected to the internet than ever, meaning if they come across a piece of content that isn’t relevant or interesting to them, they’re going to move on to something that is. This also applies to email—in fact, personalized email campaigns generate six times as many conversions and as much revenue as generic ones.  

Studies have shown that almost half of email recipients in the last year made a purchase based on a promotional email. To optimize yours to generate results, check out our two-step email segmentation and personalization process, below: 

Email Segmentation and Personalization in Two Steps 

Step 1: Email List Segmentation 

Segmenting your email list into groups allows you to create personalized campaign experiences that drive engagement and ultimately sales. We recommend segmenting your audience by such variables as: 

Step 2: Marketing Email Personalization 

Once you’ve grouped your email audience in a way that makes sense for your business, it’s time to use personalization techniques to craft your emails to speak to each segment. We recommend using your leads’ location data to send them emails at optimal times based on their time zones. You can also end your emails using personalized salutations to humanize your business and invoke a sense of community. Tailoring your email marketing content to each of your email list segments will help you capture their attention and improve open and click-through rates.  

If your business is looking to use segmentation and personalization create effective email marketing campaigns, the experienced team at Argus Leader Media located in Sioux Falls, SD, is here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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