Want To Put Your Small Business On The Map? Claim Your Online Listings.

Date: December 16, 2015

4 Reasons You Need to Claim Your Map Business Listings   

Think about the last time that you were out and about and wanted to find a place to grab a quick bite. Chances are you used an online map to source the best places to eat in the area. You’re not the only one. In June 2014 alone, 163 million people used a map app or website when searching for a local provider. 

Below we discuss just some of the reasons why claiming your map business listings is essential for boosting success: 

1. Consumer data shows that map websites and apps lead to action. 

According to Nielsen, four out of five Yelp users utilize the app when they are ready to spend money. This statistic should come as no surprise considering that the app is perfect for mobile users who need information about local businesses while they’re on-the-go. By claiming your map listings, you can ensure that you remain visible to mobile customers who are ready to buy. 

2. Map listings have become an important factor in local SEO rankings. 

Businesses in every industry are always looking for ways to improve SEO in order to boost traffic to their website. When you claim your business listings, you do just that. Your company appears in the search results when consumers search for related topics, thus increasing exposure for your brand. 

3. You can cast a wider net with map listings. 

By claiming your business listings across channels, you can effectively reach consumers regardless of their device or search engine preference. Google Places for Business, Bing Places, and Apple Maps Connect are just a few of the channels that your business can use to reach a wide variety of shoppers. 

4. Map business listings are cost-effective. 

Claiming your map listings is not only an effective way to reach more customers, it is also budget-friendly. This is essential for small and local businesses that may not have money to devote to additional marketing pushes. 

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